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Stamford is 34 miles north of New York City, so many residents live here and work in the larger city. However, we have plenty of businesses and a thriving downtown area locally. Samford also provides various recreational activities for residents, making it a great place to reside in the northeast.

Pests enjoy Stamford summers but need warm places to stay during the winter. They often choose homes and businesses for warmth, food, and water. These creatures use tiny entry points to access buildings and hide where you can’t see them. They’ll cause damage and spread illnesses in these hidden areas, requiring Stamford, CT, pest control professionals.

ProfExt Pest Control has over 30 years of experience protecting Stamford residents and businesses. Our highly-trained professionals use the safest practices to keep your property pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In Stamford

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Stamford is a mid-sized city, providing residents the luxuries of a big metropolis without the overcrowding. Open space draws residents, but this feature also attracts pests. Whether they lack food and water or want to escape the cold weather, houses are a great source of resources.

ProfExt Pest Control is locally owned and operated, so we know the pests that concern Stamford residents. In the three decades we’ve served Connecticut communities, we’ve developed safe and effective methods to remove numerous animals. We understand pest situations are unique, so we customize our services to meet your needs.

We’ll provide a free estimate before we start our service and back up our treatments with a satisfaction guarantee. Call us to learn more about our home pest control in Stamford, CT.

Commercial Pest Control In Stamford

Business owners worry about weather and intruders causing problems in their commercial facilities, but pests might slip their minds. These creatures can slow your operations by causing damage and impact your reputation by spreading illnesses. Commercial pest control in Stamford, CT, is essential to prevent these issues.

At ProfExt Pest Control, we equip our technicians with the tools and skills to eliminate pests in your business. We’ll inspect your property to find out how they entered and the damage they’ve caused. We’ll work around your schedule to avoid disrupting your operations and arrive in unmarked vehicles so your customers won’t know why we’re there.

Pests threaten the health and safety of commercial facilities in Stamford. Contact us to protect your business from these troubling intruders.

The Key To Effective Termite Control In Stamford

Numerous Stamford pests pose threats to residences, but none more than termites. These insects build underground mud tunnels to reach your exterior and invade homes to feed on wood. They cause minimal damage in the near term but can remain hidden and impact the structural stability of your house over time.

Since these pests travel underground and eat wood from the inside out, you’re unlikely to see them in your home. Fortunately, they leave indications of their presence. Signs of termites on your Stamford property include:

  • Termite wings

  • Mud tunnels

  • Bubbling or peeling paint

Rather than waiting for termites to destroy your wood, call ProfExt Pest Control for termite control in Stamford. Our soil treatments will create a barrier around your exterior that keeps termites out of your home. If the pests are already in your house, we can eliminate them with a solution they’ll carry back to their colony. We also offer baiting systems to remove termites inside.

Termites can cause extensive damage when they get into your house. We can prevent these pests and eliminate them on your property. Let us know if you’re concerned about termites in Stamford.

How To Keep Nuisance Wildlife At Bay In Stamford

Connecticut homes are vulnerable to numerous species of wildlife. They invade homes to escape the weather and cause damage in hard-to-see areas. They’ll also make people sick by leaving waste around your home or biting when you get close to them. The problems they cause worsen the longer they remain in your house, making their quick removal essential.

It can take time to discover wildlife in your home. In the meantime, they’ll chew on wires and dig through insulation, impacting your safety. Keeping these pests out of your house is the best way to prevent the problems they cause. Tips to keep wild animals away from your Stamford home include:

  • Place screens on your vents.

  • Store your trash in tightly sealed containers.

  • Put caps on your chimney.

  • Remove debris from your yard.

The wild animals in your home might be dangerous to handle, so you should call the Stamford wildlife control professionals at ProfExt Pest Control when they get into your house. We provide our technicians with the best products and update them on the latest removal techniques.

Stamford wildlife can threaten the safety of your home and the health of people inside. Give us a call to get rid of wild animals on your property.

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Joel came out to take care of a yellow jacket nest in a void under an outside eve. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, and afterward we walked around the house and discovered two more nests I hadn't seen before and he offered to remove them as well. Great experience and a fair price. I will be calling ProfExt for future needs.

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