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Madison is 15 miles east of New Haven along the Long Island Sound shoreline. The town features historic architecture and Hammonasset Beach State Park, providing residents with wildlife experiences. Its walkable downtown has local shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike.

There are many unique aspects of Madison, but residents and businesses have the same pest concerns as other communities. Local animals can fit through spaces in your exterior, hide in hard-to-reach places, and cause problems when they get inside. Madison, CT, pest control experts can reach these areas to remove pests from your structure.

Serving Madison and other New Haven County towns, ProfExt Pest Control protects residences and businesses from local pests. We train our technicians to handle the most troublesome intruders on your property.

Residential Pest Control In Madison

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Various pests live in your grass, plants, and trees, accessing your house through cracks in your exterior. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean your home is pest-free. They can hide behind walls and appliances and appear when you're gone or asleep.

Homeowners have trusted ProfExt Pest Control with home pest control in Madison, CT, for over 30 years. Our licensed technicians arrive in unmarked vehicles for your privacy and will inspect the inside and outside of your home. We use pet and family-friendly methods and products to eliminate infestations and protect your health.

We'll create a barrier around your exterior and schedule return visits for year-round protection. Call us to discover if our residential pest control services fit your needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Madison

Pests are a common concern for businesses because they can enter facilities through open doors and windows. These creatures cause property damage and leave pathogens on surfaces, making them a threat to the health and safety of your establishment. Experts in commercial pest control in Madison, CT, know the habits of these creatures, enabling us to protect your facility.

At ProfExt Pest Control, we want to keep pests out of your commercial facility as safely and effectively as possible. Our highly-trained technicians use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques around your property, emphasizing the health of your employees and customers.

The length of our recurring plans depends on your specific situation and provides long-term pest protection. Contact us to discover how you can benefit from our commercial pest services.

Take Your Madison Yard Back From The Ticks And Mosquitoes!

Ticks and mosquitoes are common pests that invade properties during summer, presenting health threats by spreading illnesses when they bite. They're tiny and hide in tall grass or brush, making them hard to find. Knowing where these pests hide and breed can help prevent infestations in your yard.

While these pests have different habits, similar features attract them. They hide in tall grass or overgrown brush during the day and require moisture for survival. These facts provide clues about how to make your property less desirable for them. Some tips to keep ticks and mosquitoes from your Madison yard include:

  • Mow your lawn short.

  • Cut back overgrown brush and vegetation.

  • Remove standing water from your property.

  • Circulate the water in your water features.

When you call ProfExt Pest Control, our technicians will develop a customized treatment plan for your yard. We'll search for these intruders and determine why they invaded your property. We provide one-time tick and mosquito treatments and bundled plans for year-long coverage.

Ticks and mosquitoes can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors during the best weather of the year. Give us a call if you're concerned about these pests around your Madison property.

Why Are Rodents So Hard To Get Rid Of In Madison?

It's not uncommon for Madison residents to find rodents on their properties, especially during winter. They look for a warm place to stay, digging holes underground or invading your house. They'll also invade properties if they provide food and water. Regardless, they can cause damage and spread illnesses, impacting your property value and presenting health concerns.

Finding these creatures around your home is one thing, but removing them presents unique challenges. They know how to avoid being caught in your house, making elimination difficult. Some of the reasons why it's so hard to get rid of rodents in your Madison home include:

  • They fit through tiny spaces.

  • They scurry quickly around your house.

  • They recognize and avoid traps.

  • They reproduce rapidly.

Our Madison rodent control services at ProfExt Pest Control begin by inspecting your home to discover how rodents got inside. When we find out where they're hiding, we'll set up trap and baiting systems to draw them out. We'll follow up about two weeks after our initial visit to reset the traps and continue using these systems until your home is rodent-free.

Rodents can cause damage and spread illnesses when they invade your home, threatening your health and property. Let us know if you see signs of rodents in your Madison house.

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Joel came out to take care of a yellow jacket nest in a void under an outside eve. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, and afterward we walked around the house and discovered two more nests I hadn't seen before and he offered to remove them as well. Great experience and a fair price. I will be calling ProfExt for future needs.

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