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Whether you're struggling with one pesky rat or a swarm of termites, ProfExt is here to help. Our trained exterminators have everything it takes to get your home pest free once more.

Pest Control In Clinton

Keeping your home pest free can sometimes be a difficult task, and no matter how many store bought products you use they might never be enough. If you choose to call in the professionals then you can be sure that once you receive our services your home will be pest free. With years of experience with pest control in Clinton we have all of the skills and expertise necessary to deal with all of the common pests and even some of the uncommon ones. 

If you are struggling with any of the following issues, contact our team of exterminators in Clinton: 

  • Spiders

  • Cockroaches

  • Termites

  • Bed bugs

  • Fleas

  • Bees

  • Wasps 

  • And many more!

Locally Owned & Operated

Founded right here in Madison, Connecticut over 30 years ago, we are proud to continue our services to the Connecticut shoreline. Get expert pest control from the neighborhood exterminators you can trust.

Exterminators You Can Trust

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Finding pests in your home is a stressful experience anyway, it doesn’t have to be any worse with you worrying about how much it may cost to get rid of them. We believe that everyone has the right to an insect-free home and we work hard to make sure that our quality exterminators are accessible to everyone. This is why we are currently offering $100 off all of our service packages to make it easier than ever for you to get the treatment that you deserve. 

Highly Trained Exterminators

All of our pest control exterminators are fully licensed and continue training to be the best in the business. We stay up to date on the latest pest control techniques in order to provide the best service possible.

Comprehensive Pest Protection 

There are many advantages to calling in our team rather than just using what you can find, including our 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If any of the pests we treat for return, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. Additionally, we will only use products that we know to offer minimal risk of damage or harm to you and your family. 

When you partner with our exterminators in Clinton, you can expect:

  • A free quote for all services so that you will know before time exactly what services you will receive

  • A comprehensive home inspection

  • Customized treatment plans depending on your specific needs

  • Treatment using family-friendly control methods

  • Friendly and helpful customer support staff to help you with any of your questions or concerns.

Termite Control In Clinton

Termites cause so much damage that they’re often referred to as “silent destroyers” by pest professionals. These wood-loving pests cost property owners billions in damages each year as they systematically break down structural components of buildings.They’ll even branch out their diet to include cloth, drywall, and certain types of insulation. If you suspect termite damage, it’s important to contact a professional right away so that you can avoid costly damage as much as possible.

Effective Termite Treatments

At ProfExt, our termite exterminators are highly trained and also use the latest methods and products. When you call ProfExt for termite control in Clinton, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection by our trained and licensed team.

  • Treatment that reaches the entire colony thanks to Termidor SC.

  • Baiting systems that can begin eliminating infestations from the inside.

  • Termite spraying on soil around your home’s exterior.

  • Family-friendly treatments that don’t bring harsh chemicals home.

  • A money-back guarantee that puts your satisfaction first.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your property from termite damage. Call the experts at ProfExt and we’ll provide termite treatment that lasts.

Rodent Control In Clinton

Dealing with unwanted rodents in your home isn’t just a hassle. Rather, a mouse or rat infestation can be a nightmare if you don’t have an experienced and dependable pest control company on your side. Here at Professional Exterminating, our rodent control in Clinton will help you get rid of mice and rats for good and stop them from ever coming back! Given the threats that rodents pose to both your home and loved ones, you can’t afford to settle for a team without a proven track record. And with more than 30 years of local experience and industry-best treatment methods at our disposal, you can count on us to do the job right! 

Our rodent control service includes: 

  • A comprehensive in-home inspection to find out how mice and rats are getting indoors. 

  • Dependable trapping and baiting services for fast and lasting rodent removal. 

  • Protection from rat and mouse-borne diseases like Typhus, Hantavirus, and Bubonic Plague. 

  • Prevention of secondary infestations from fleas, ticks, and other rodent-related pests. 

  • A follow-up treatment within two weeks of our initial treatments to make sure that your home stays rodent-free.

  • And much more! 

We Are a Locally Owned Pest Control Company

Our pest services in Clinton mean more to us than just helping customers. Having been locally owned and operating in Connecticut for over 30 years, all of our customers are our neighbors so we work even harder to make sure all of our communities stay pest free. With our intimate knowledge of the climate, we know how best to deal with your problems at the right time to make sure that all your concerns are handled promptly and with maximum effectiveness.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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I have been using this company for years. I have always been more than pleased! Most recently they have kicked it up a notch with a stellar invoicing system that gives the client an opportunity to review all aspects of the application they received, a bio on the staff, detailed billing details! Its incredible! I would like to recognize the following employees; Kolbi-Lynn Johnson, customer service. Always professional and so nice!! My previous tech Kenny Romanchuck, now a manager, well deserved!! And my current tech Mike Perry, simply the best!! The staff is tremendous, their service and knowledge outstanding!! I wish I could give more stars!! Thank you everyone!!

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Jennifer D

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