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What You Need To Know About Rodents In Madison, CT

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Rodents like mice and rats regularly find their way to our Madison, Connecticut, properties. Learning about their behaviors, wants, and needs will help make your property less attractive to these pesky pests. ProfExt Pest Control is here to provide you with helpful information and the most effective rodent control in Madison. Keep reading to learn about these common household pests. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

What are rodents?

Rodents make up the largest group of mammals living worldwide. All rodents, from the tiniest mouse to the largest capybara, are grouped by their continuously growing front incisors.

Mice and rats are examples of rodents and some of the most common household invaders homeowners in Madison have to contend with year after year. 

Mice are small rodents with an oval body and small triangular head. Their ears and long tails are covered in a light layer of fur. 

Rats are rodents with dense, oblong bodies and large, blunt heads. Their most easy-to-recognize feature is a long, thick, scaly tail that lacks hair. 

Both mice and rats have long whiskers, four legs, and brown, gray, or black fur covering their body. The easiest way to quickly tell mice and rats apart is by size. Adult rats tend to be noticeably larger than adult mice. 

Are rodents dangerous?

Keeping rodents in Connecticut away from our yards and homes is vital, not because they are a nuisance but because they pose significant dangers. 

Using their sharp front incisors, rodents chew through and damage wires, pipes, drywall, trim, furniture, and more. When rodents are in our homes, the build-up of their shed fur, urine, and excrement causes unpleasant odors, contaminates insulation, and emits allergens into the air.

Rodents carry and spread many different parasites, bacteria, and human pathogens. As rodents travel throughout your home to and from their nesting sites, they contaminate food and surfaces.

Being nocturnal means that rodents are active during the evening hours. The noises they make running behind walls and across ceilings are annoying. Additionally, the knowledge of their presence in your home can cause stress and sleepless nights.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents are agile, adaptable pests. They can survive anywhere there is access to food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, our properties often provide rodents with those things.

Rodents will take advantage of the smallest cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior, moving inside after being attracted by food odors. Mice and rats also regularly move into our structures to escape temperature extremes and other harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, our homes offer these prey animals a safe place to nest and raise their young away from predators and other dangers. 

For the rodent control near you that will help you eliminate your rodent problem, contact us at ProfExt Pest Control. 

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents have no issues living near people and regularly call our yards, gardens, garages, sheds, and houses home.

Whether living inside or outside, rodents like to choose a quiet, secluded area to nest. In our homes, rodents nest in wall voids, crawl spaces, closets, basements, and attics. Outside, rodents regularly live under woodpiles, in tall grass, under logs, within gardens, and under foundations and walkways. 

Since rodents are nocturnal, unless a large infestation is present, you won’t spot mice or rats out and about during the day. Common signs of a rodent problem include:

  • Finding rodent droppings

  • Noticing a foul musty odor

  • Hearing sounds behind walls or above ceilings

  • Finding gnaw marks

  • Holes in food packaging

At any notice of rodents in your home, seek out Madison rodent control services. Professional pest control services are the best way to remove rodents and protect your home and family against their dangers.

How do I get rid of rodents?

When it comes to rodents, the professionals at ProfExt Pest Control understand the need for fast action. To get rid of the rodents that have found their way to your Madison property, we will perform a thorough inspection, set up traps and baiting systems, and provide return visits to check and reset traps. Our locally-owned pest control company understands our region's unique pest pressures and will work with you to ensure your home becomes and stays rodent-free. Please reach out today to learn more about our discreet rodent control offerings.

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

In conjunction with our professional rodent control services, use the following tips to prevent future issues with these problematic pests.

  • Take away common rodent entry points by installing door sweeps, caulking gaps in the foundation, and repairing roof damage.

  • Keep screens on vents leading into your home and caps on chimneys.

  • Regularly remove trash from your home and place it in containers with locking lids until trash pick-up day.

  • Store trash cans and wood piles off the ground and away from your home’s exterior. 

  • Reduce clutter in and around your home that provides rodents with resting and nesting sites. 

For Madison rodent control services you can count on, turn to the highly-trained experts at ProfExt Pest Control.

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