Getting Rid Of Mice This Winter


Those suspicious scurrying sounds might get louder since the weather is colder. Whether in the walls, the ceiling, or even in your car – it’s officially mouse season. Most animals typically hibernate as the weather gets cooler, but the same can’t be said for mice. Unfortunately, mice stay active year-round. During the winter, their food options (like grass and seeds) become scarce outside, and the temperature drops, consequently driving them into your home looking for sustenance and warmth.

Do Mice Go Into Hibernation?

Mice do not hibernate during the winter. However, they may try to seek shelter, food, and water inside your home. This may lead to you seeing an increase in mice in your home during the cooler months. 

What Problems Are Caused By A Mouse Infestation?

In addition to worrisome noises, there are some other telltale signs to look for if you’re concerned that you may need mouse pest control services this winter.

  • Have you noticed that your clothing or containers have chew marks on them?
  • Are you discovering droppings that look like chocolate sprinkles?
  • Do you see rips in your rice or cereal boxes?

These are all signs indicative of a mouse infestation. Once you’ve discovered a mouse problem, finding reliable mouse control services as soon as possible is crucial. Not only do mice reproduce rapidly (therefore, the situation can escalate quickly), but mice are also destructive and can spread diseases through their parasites and feces. Even breathing in dust that has come in contact with mouse excrement has been linked to Hantavirus.

How Fast Do Mice Reproduce?

One female mouse can produce 32-56 mice per year. That means that just two mice can rapidly turn into an infestation within 25 days. 

What Does A Mouse Chew Marks Look Like?

Mice have incredibly sharp teeth, and because of this, they can chew through a variety of materials. Their bite marks are usually about 1.5mm deep and can be seen around your home when faced with a rodent infestation.

How Can You Rodent Proof For The Winter?

  • Seal off entry points around your home.
  • Trim trees and shrubs that touch the side of your home.
  • Get your fireplace inspected to ensure they cannot enter through there. 
  • Install sweepers under your doors.
  • Fix any broken windows or window frames.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your House Fast

Once a home infestation of mice is suspected or discovered, very few people want to handle the situation alone. Handling mouse control independently can be stressful and challenging (plus, rodenticides can be hazardous to people if not handled correctly). Instead, by hiring a professional mouse exterminator to inspect your home thoroughly, you can find out where the rodents’ entry points are and effectively prevent any future access. This is typically the best way to eliminate the problem.

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