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Wildlife control in Madison, CT, is essential to remove any critter that may have wandered onto your property and is causing major problems. Our experts at ProfExt Pest Control are here to help you remove wildlife from any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nuisance Wildlife

What is nuisance wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife is wildlife that we commonly see around human structures that becomes problematic when they infest certain structures and become widespread. Around our area, the most troublesome nuisance wildlife we deal with includes gray squirrels, red squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons, and skunks.

Fortunately, these critters are fairly distinctive, and you may easily be able to identify the wildlife on your property. If you need more assistance with wildlife identification, contact a wildlife expert at ProfExt Pest Control for assistance.

Is nuisance wildlife dangerous?

Nuisance wildlife can be dangerous, as these pests can carry serious illnesses such as rabies, tularemia, and ringworm. Bites and scratches from wildlife you encounter around your property may result in severe health problems, or they may trigger allergic reactions. Skunk spray is especially difficult to deal with and may cause skin irritation if an individual is hit directly with this foul-smelling liquid.

Additionally, nuisance wildlife will leave their droppings and urine around your property. These contribute further to the spread of diseases, and any fleas, ticks, and mites wildlife introduce to your property may cause additional health problems.

Reliable wildlife removal is the only way to avoid these dangers.

Why do I have a nuisance wildlife problem?

Nuisance wildlife, like many other pests, tend to be opportunistic. If your property offers plenty of food, water, and sheltering spaces within easy reach, you are more likely to pick up a nuisance wildlife problem. Unguarded trash cans and compost piles, accessible pet food, piles of debris and long grasses, and leaks around your property all encourage wildlife to make their homes around your structure.

Where will I find nuisance wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife is typically found hiding around outdoor or indoor areas, generally in quiet or dark spaces and close to food. You may find them outdoors in trees that surround your property, hiding in abandoned animal dens or holes in the ground, or underneath outbuildings, porches, or around dumpsters or trash cans. If they manage to get inside, nuisance wildlife is commonly found in basements, attics, garages, or at the backs of closets and storage spaces.

How do I get rid of nuisance wildlife?

Get rid of nuisance wildlife with the help of professional wildlife control experts. Trusting our team at ProfExt Pest Control is much safer and more reliable for local wildlife removal than attempting to deal with these troublesome pests alone. With our help, your property will be safe and wildlife-free in no time.

Call us today to learn more.

How can I prevent nuisance wildlife in the future?

In addition to the wildlife control services that ProfExt Pest Control provides, utilize these prevention tips to ensure nuisance wildlife is kept far away in the future:

  • Install a fence around the perimeter of your property where possible to stop wildlife from wandering into your yard.

  • Cover trash cans using lockable or tight-fitting lids to prevent wildlife from scavenging in them.

  • Remove access to bird food and outdoor pet food that might attract hungry wildlife.

  • Seal cracks and gaps around your property’s foundation, windows, doors, and roof to keep wildlife out.

  • Use screens over vented areas near crawl spaces, attics, and underneath buildings to ensure wildlife doesn’t invade.

Reach out to ProfExt Pest Control today for more assistance dealing with nuisance wildlife.

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