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Termite Control In Madison, CT

Stopping Troublesome Termites The Right Way

Termites are incredibly destructive, and an infestation of these pests left untreated may create serious problems around your Madison home or business. Widespread infestations of termites are known to be one of the costliest things for property owners to deal with, and what’s worse is that infestations of termites often go unnoticed until major issues occur.

If you want to stop troublesome termites and their wood-destroying behaviors the right way, your best option is to contact ProfExt Pest Control. Our experienced technicians offer reliable termite control in Madison, CT, and surrounding areas which is vital to keeping termites from invading.

When you trust in ProfExt Pest Control for termite removal, you can remain assured that your termite problem is being taken care of the right way. This allows you to relax while we remove termite invaders and ensure that any damage caused is repaired properly.

Why Professional Termite Control Is Essential

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Termites are soft-bodied insects, and these pests typically make their nests underground or inside of water-damaged and moisture-ridden wood. Properties with moisture issues such as leaks, drainage problems, and decaying or water-damaged wood lying around are at high risk for termite infestations, and once termites move onto your property, they can be incredibly difficult to remove.

As termites cross into the wooden structures of your property, they will use their strong jaws to chew the inside of the wood and hollow out tunnels to make their nests. Termites chew wood constantly, and over time, they will weaken the wooden structures of your property enough to create serious issues.

Damages caused by termites include sinking and dipping floors or ceilings, bubbling or peeling paint on walls, and compromised wooden supports. A bigger risk for infestations that don’t receive prompt termite control is structural collapse, something that is both dangerous and costly to repair.

Our team at ProfExt Pest Control knows how important it is to defeat termites and remove this pest as quickly as possible. We combine thorough termite inspections with reliable termite treatments to fully eradicate this pest from your property. When you trust us, you know you are getting the most effective and knowledgeable termite control possible.

Our Termite Control Process

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The first step to ensuring your property is termite-free is speaking with our technicians about your concerns. We will inspect your property to determine the best methods of treatment and how to effectively eradicate termites, removing all traces of this pest and their nests. We will also answer your questions about our termite control solutions.

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At ProfExt Pest Control, we specialize in soil treatments for termites. These treatments are applied to the exterior of your property, and termites will bring the treatment back to their colonies as they encounter it. This allows us to remove the entire infestation of termites, no matter where they are hiding. Alternatively, we can use termite baiting systems on your property.


Once our termite control solutions are applied to your property, we will check with you to ensure that they are working. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with your termite control service or its upkeep at any point, feel free to reach out and speak to us about your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control

Professional termite control is relatively safe as we apply our treatments to the exterior of your property. Both Termidor, our soil treatment for termites, and our baiting systems for termites are targeted towards termites and their nests, and these nests are typically out of reach of individuals you might be concerned about, such as children and pets. Speak to a technician today if you have concerns.

The Key To Keeping Termites At Bay

The key to keeping termites at bay is being proactive about termite control and reaching out to ProfExt Pest Control the moment you suspect termites are on your property. We can help you get rid of termites in Madison, CT, with less stress, and our termite control solutions are created from years of experience in the pest control and termite removal field.

Call us today to learn more about dealing with termite infestations or for advice on preventing termites.

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Joel came out to take care of a yellow jacket nest in a void under an outside eve. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, and afterward we walked around the house and discovered two more nests I hadn't seen before and he offered to remove them as well. Great experience and a fair price. I will be calling ProfExt for future needs.

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