Pest Control In Middlesex County, CT

Expert Pest Control In Middlesex County, CT

Middlesex County represents some of Connecticut’s most beloved towns. It includes picturesque places such as Middletown, East Hampton, Old Saybrook, and Clinton. This county is home to many families and people who desire an easy commute, but it is also an ideal spot for visitors who want to experience New England’s changing seasons. Part of living or operating a business in Middlesex County means dealing with pest problems such as rodents, wildlife, and termites.

When it comes to expert pest control in Middlesex County, CT, ProfExt Pest Control is the team to call. We have been servicing the community for more than three decades and we remain committed to quality. Each of our trained pest professionals is always up to date on the latest methods and we only use current technology to deliver real results. We are also a QualityPro-certified company and we go above and beyond at every turn. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Middlesex County, CT

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When you live in Middlesex County, you get to experience the changing seasons and all that comes with them. One of the less appealing parts of seasonal change is the constant opportunity that pests have to become an issue for your home. At ProfExt Pest Control, we work to keep your home free from pest problems throughout the year. Our company has been working with local homeowners since 1986 and we remain committed to excellent service today. We are also a QualityPro-certified company, which means that we uphold the industry’s toughest safety standards. Each of our technicians also receives ongoing training to ensure the highest level of service at every visit. 

Protect your home with our ongoing pest control plans:

  • Home Insect Defense: Our entry-level program focuses on the exterior of your home to offer protection from common insect invaders. 

  • Home Pest Defense: For more comprehensive protection, this plan increases the number of pests covered with year-round protection. 

  • Home & Yard Defense: This inclusive plan is the most effective way to ensure a pest-free property.  

For more information on our residential pest control services in Middlesex County, please call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Middlesex County, CT

At ProfExt Pest Control, we help Middlesex County businesses avoid pest problems with our customizable treatment programs. Our company has been in operation since 1986 and in that time, we have helped countless stores, warehouses, schools, and more limit their exposure to pests. When you entrust us with your property, you will always work with the most courteous and well-trained technicians. We provide ongoing educational training for our staff and we are a QualityPro-certified company. 

Each program that we create is informed by the findings of our routine property inspections. We believe in providing routine maintenance not only because it allows us to re-treat properties for continuous coverage but also because it means that we will have an ongoing understanding of what pest activity looks like on your property. The products that we use are human-friendly and pet-friendly while also being highly effective. We offer a re-treatment guarantee, so if any pests persist between our visits, we’ll return until they don’t. For more information on commercial pest control in Middlesex County, call us today.

Every Middlesex County Home Needs Termite Control: Here's Why

Middlesex County homes are left exposed to termite problems throughout the year and they require professional attention. Perhaps the most significant reason for professional intervention is because of how easily termite problems can evolve. Termites are in search of wood to eat and they aren’t fussy. Some termites seek out dry wood while others look for wood that has suffered moisture damage. In addition to the ease of colony development, once termites get started, they can eat through wood 24/7, so they will not stop on their own. An infestation can contain anywhere from a few thousand to two million members, making them hard to control. 

A pest control professional can apply the treatments necessary to eliminate these problems. By performing routine property inspections, they can locate the potential for any termite problems and limit the damage from existing problems. For more information on professional termite control in Middlesex County, call ProfExt Pest Control today. 

DIY Rodent Solutions: Not Recommended For Middlesex County Homeowners

When it comes to addressing the rodents that might be active around your Middlesex County home, it’s best not to address them on your own. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Health risks: Simply coming into contact with a rodent could potentially expose you to rat-bite fever, tularemia, or a number of other health issues. Their feces and saliva often carry the pathogens that cause viral illnesses and infections.

  • Infestation size: Mice can produce eight litters of pups a year while rats may have six. They reproduce in high numbers and at a rapid rate. Even if traps were effective, they would not be able to address the potential scope of invaders. 

  • Safety of products: When you partner with a pest professional, you know that you’re benefiting from reliable and safe methods, while the products that you purchase at the store come with no guarantees for your safety.

For reliable rodent control in Middlesex County from a trusted professional, call ProfExt Pest Control today.

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Joel completed an inspection and spraying of my house. Joel was very professional, respectful, and very friendly. He was very thorough with his inspection and his spraying, both inside and outside. It is the quality of staff and services that create returning customers. Because of Joel, I will use this company again.

In addition, the office staff that I set my up my appointment with were also very professional and friendly.

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