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Commercial Pest Control In Madison, CT

Pest control to keep your Madison business free of damaging pests.

Protecting Your Madison Business From Pest Problems

As a local business that has been serving the Madison area since 1986, ProfExt Pest Control has grown familiar with the many challenges that businesses face on a daily basis. From training employees to determining what paperwork and bookkeeping is required and ensuring customer satisfaction, there are always things to learn and improve upon. There are many situations in which your job requires skills that have nothing to do with your business or industry. When that is the case, sometimes it’s best to bring in professionals in that field to take care of whatever needs to be done. 

If pests get into your Madison business, letting the experts at ProfExt Pest Control take care of them for you is the best choice. Our technicians are trained in the most effective pest control methods and we work with care to protect your business from the many problems that pests cause.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

Unmarked company vehicle guarantee

At ProfExt Pest Control, we know that maintaining your business’s reputation is vital to its continued success. We understand the importance of your privacy, which is why all our vehicles are 100% unmarked. We work discreetly so you can keep what happens on your property your business. We are not interested in flashy vehicles to try and get free advertising; we are here to get a job done.

Our commercial pest control heavily relies on Integrated Pest Management methodology. We look at all the factors contributing to your business’s pest problems, then help make changes to your property to ensure long-term protection against pests. Using Integrated Pest Management techniques not only provides longer-lasting solutions but also allows us to treat your property using fewer products.

When you contact ProfExt Pest Control for our commercial services, we’ll inspect your property, both inside and out, before designing a treatment plan for your business. We want our services to be tailored to your specific needs, and inspecting your property allows us to do that. After completing our inspection, we’ll recommend a treatment plan, as well as a follow-up schedule, that will best protect your property.

Facilities We Service

apples in FDA approved facility

FDA-Regulated Plants

When your business works with food, you know how important it is to follow all safety regulations, both for the health of customers and the avoidance of any recalls or shutdowns. Let ProfExt Pest Control keep food-contaminating pests out of your business.

Computer server room in a tech building

Tech Buildings

A business in the tech space has to be extremely careful to take care of the expensive equipment inside their buildings. Pests are often drawn to the warmth generated by this equipment, so keeping them out is essential. ProfExt Pest Control can help.

Interior of an office space

Office Buildings

Whether your office building is home to many different businesses or just one, you want to make it a place that is safe and comfortable for the employees inside. A pest infestation can cause property damage and is a threat to people’s health. Let ProfExt Pest Control keep your office building pest-free.

clothes retail store


Having thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in your retail store makes it important to put safety measures in place to protect that merchandise. If pests get into your store, they will damage the things inside. Keep pests out with the help of ProfExt Pest Control.

inside of a classroom


One of your most important jobs is to keep the students in your care safe. While we usually think of big threats when putting preventative measures into place, it’s important that you remember small ones, too. Pests can sicken or injure your students. Keep them away with ProfExt Pest Control.

HOA neighborhood at sunset


Maintaining the neighborhood in your Homeowners Association makes it a more desirable place to live. By keeping your parks and green spaces free of pests, they instantly become more inviting. Let ProfExt Pest Control get rid of unwanted pests around your HOA.

Reasons To Choose ProfExt Pest Control

The Right Choice For Your Business

Years Of Experience

We have been solving pest problems for Madison businesses for over 35 years. We know the best methods to deliver the most effective results.

Zero Cost Quotes

We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for our services prior to performing any services. This allows us to get started on the right foot.

Unmarked Vehicles

We care about your privacy more than about a free advertisement. Our vehicles are 100% unmarked so that we are discreet when treating your business.

Putting Our Expertise To Work For You

When pests get into a commercial facility, they don’t bring anything good with them. Pests damage property, spread diseases, harm your reputation, and cost you time and money. Instead of worrying about pests and how they might harm your business, take control today by contacting ProfExt Pest Control. Whether you already have a pest problem or want to prevent one from occurring, our highly-trained technicians will provide you with the services needed for full pest protection. We will develop a plan that meets your business’s needs, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Let us put our expertise to work for your business. Call us now!

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